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The details below are associated with the names of the bridges on the New South Wales side of the Murray River, starting from the Howlong Township.

1. The LEAHY BRIDGE: ( Over the Black Swan Anabranch) is named after the Leahy families who settled in the Howlong district in the 1860's. Richard Leahy settled about six miles north of Howlong. His offspring have had significant contribution to the governance of Australia, initially in the formation of the referendum that brought about the Federation of Australia. Two descendants of Richard Leahy have served the Hume Shire Council as Shire Presidents. The Leahy family still reside at "Leahvale" Moorwatha. [Reference: John Conway's History of Howlong families.]

2. The GRANNY CATON BRIDGE: is named after Mary Ann Caton, Howlong's midwife and night nurse. Many of the town's children were brought into the World under the skilful guidance of Granny Caton. [Reference: Howlong Grapevine.]

3. The HAMILTON BRIDGE: is named after the Hamilton family. William Hamilton came to Howlong in 1877, married the daughter of Armer Boyle and proceeded to operate the general store. The Hamilton family operated this business for over 100 years. Willam Hamilton was a foundation member of the Mechanics Institute. [Reference: Howlong Selection 1988.]

4. The REID BRIDGE: is named after the Reid family who descended from Surgeon David Reid who supervised the transport of convicts to Australia from 1815 - 1823. His son, David Reid jnr, was one of the first 'Overlanders.' At 18 years of age david jnr. settled on a tract of land on the Ovens River in 1838 named 'Reid dale.' After a distinguished Parliamentary career in Victoria he purchased 1000 acres at Moorwatha in 1865 and became President of the Burrumbuttock District Union and President of the Wangaratta Agricultural Society. In February 1904 a civic reception was held in Howlong to honour Mr and Mrs David (jnr) Reid. The Reid family still reside on the land settled by David Reid (jnr), representing eight generations of the family. [Reference: North Eastern Historical Wangaratta.]

5. The MURRAY RIVER BRIDGE: JOHN CONWAY BOURKE: is named after John Conway Bourke who was entrusted with the task of carrying the first overland mail from Port Phillip to Howlong. Another rider conveyed the mail to Yass and then by coach to Sydney. Joseph Hawdon, the contrcator and Bourke, set out from Port Phillip on 4th January 1838. John Bourke subsequently attended to the Port Phillip to Howlong leg of the journey for the remainder of the contract. [Reference: The First Overlander - by Brian Packer.]

The new bridge system was opened on 5/10/2001. [MORE]




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